How To Celebrate Birthday In Denmark

Birthday is one of events you have to celebrate with friends. In some countries, celebrating birthday is a must to make yourself remembered by families and friends. Families usually give you a surprise to make you happy in your birthday. Friends also make something special in your birthday by giving many gifts or just coming over. All countries have their own traditions to celebrate birthday including Denmark. Denmark is a country which celebrating birthday is like celebrating independents days. To know all their traditions in How to Celebrate Anniversary, let’s take a look!

  1. Layer Cake

Danish has a special cake for celebrating birthday. Layer cake is a must in birthday party. Layer cake is usually for wedding party but for Danish is for birthday too. Although the layer cake is not as big as the wedding layer cake, it is different from other countries tradition.

  • National Flag Decoration

In some birthday party, decoration is important thing to make events more interesting. Danish also think decoration is a must but it is a bit too much. They usually use national flag decoration in their layer cake’s birthday. Then, in some tables they put national flag decoration. How awesome it is!

  • Sing Happy Birthday Song

Singing happy birthday in birthday party is a must for making a moment. Danish also do it in happy birthday song on their own. They have a happy birthday song which it is a little unique. After having birthday party song, they gather while eating Danisa Butter Cookies. Danisa Butter Cookies is very delicious because it is traditional butter cookies recipe from Denmark’s master bakers. Danisa Butter cookies is also well-known as biscuits produced by decades. Therefore, the taste of butter is balanced sweetness. All people around the world also enjoy Danisa Butter Cookies.